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Ducati Type Pro Full-Face Helmet

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Ducati Type Pro Full-Face Helmet

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The Ducati Type Pro helmet, based on the Quantum ST Pro shell, enters the collection and boasts an important innovation by Arai. The Pro Shade System is composed of two visors: the first is an external sun shade that can be adjusted with a simple movement and used to reduce the sun's glare, while the second is transparent, offering the biker clearer and better visibility. The Ducati Type Pro is the perfect solution for any trip, thanks to its new structure, that increases internal space, and its captivating design, characterized by Ducati lettering on the sides and a Ducati shield.

Notes: Helmet Not Supplied With Pro-Shade In Aus/NZ. No returns or exchanges on safety items.


  • Hyper Ridge is a reinforcement band that circles the bottom of the shell adding strength and lowering the helmet’s centre of gravity. Flares out for easier putting on and taking off.
  • ScLc (Super complex Laminate construction). 40% stronger than standard fibre glass in extension and bending resistance.
  • Two layers of Super Fibre, one middle layer of special fibre. The middle layer consists of a very special material, a very strong and light chemical fibre exclusive to Arai.


  • Emergency Release System: both cheek pads and the neck roll can be removed quickly thanks to the advanced Emergency Release System.
  • Facial Contour System (FCS). A foam spring support in the cheek pad that compresses and rebounds makes putting the helmet on easier. The cheek pad wraps under the jaw- and cheekbone instead of mostly on the soft cheek area. FCS offers a looser fit with secure support over a larger area providing superior stability and comfort with minimal pressure.
  • Removable interior in Eco-Pure® fabric with very limited frame area
  • Central liner is thinner


  • SuperAdSis LRS (Lever Release System). Makes visor changes possible in seconds, without tools or removal of the side pods. Cleaning or replacing the shield is easier than ever.
  • De-Mist Lock. Visor tab pushes forward to open the shield and help to clear any fog that may appear.
  • Holders. Covers the visor mechanism, while ensuring maximum shell strength and a smooth dispersal of impact energy without deep recesses in the shell surface.
  • Pro Shade System (PSS) included. PSS is the solution to any weather conditions and protects from sun glare, excessive ambient light and fogging. The sun visor can be lifted and lowered with a simple movement of the hand and can be locked in position.


  • Racing closure with D-ring fastening, with button to secure the strap FFS (Free Flow System). Creates airflow under the helmet that reduces wind noise and turbulence while increasing the exhaust of hot air.
  • Dual Intake. Designed for increased airflow and lower noise level, guiding fresh, cool air into the interior.
  • Brow vents. Fresh air can enter directly to the forehead area and across the temples without the need for holes in the critical forehead area of the shell and impact absorbing liner.
  • Three-position chin vent helps in demisting the visor and offering fresh, cool air to the rider
  • Replaceable Vented Neck roll. Easily removed and re-installed for thorough washing or replacement. With neck exhaust to enhance hot-air extraction from the interior. Increases the ventilation effect at the lower part of the helmet.
  • One-piece rear exhaust. Extracts more hot air from the helmets interior and improves aerodynamics.
  • Side vent exhausts. Produce low pressure behind the rear vent for better hot air extraction. Integrated in the shell for better aerodynamics, reduce wind noise and prevent buffeting at speed. Inside, a small foam dam helps to absorb and diminish excessive noise, without reducing ventilation performance.


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